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At Kender Internet Kompany we strive to bring in the cleanest and most easy to maintain code base. This creates a smoother and faster load, but also makes for a smaller payload, or file size. What this means for you is a faster page load, better SEO and quicker turnaround for modifications. That leads us to proudly announce our custom JW Bootstrap Theme for WordPress sites. Our Bootstrap Theme for WordPress was developed in house. We use the Bootstrap Theme on all of our new WordPress web design projects.

Our Bootstrap WordPress Theme is Small:

Most WordPress themes that you purchase online are huge. Tons of features and templates which means lots of overhead. The JW Bootstrap theme on the other hand has less files, smaller sizes means less processing. We have built the theme with the minimum core so we don’t have to worry about conflicting with our bare minimum plugin load. At Kender Internet Kompany, we know what we use, and we were sure to avoid the need to jury-rig solutions to work around a plugins needs. We can build out any kind of functionality required on our base bootstrap framework. We have already implemented this theme on a wide array of diverse web design projects.

JW Bootstrap Theme is Scalable:

We can quickly add in functionality without compromising the core theme. We have built in blocks for content areas where edits are common. There is default functionality built in so that there is no need to repeat processes page after page. We thought about our most common tasks and worked to make those as fast and easy as possible.

WooCommerce ready:

WooCommerce is the leading edge of WordPress online shopping and we are ready to go out of the gate!

The JW Bootstrap Theme is Built to Last:

Our Bootstrap Theme for WordPress is Bootstrap 4 ready and designed with a mobile first approach. We are ready for a mobile market and you will be too.

We are an A11y:

Accessibility (A11y) is one of our primary goals. Our base theme is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant out of the gate. While some plugins may reduce the score, you can be sure that we have a solid foundation.

Soon to Come:

Custom plugins built to work specifically with the theme, uniquely compact and with targeted functionality. We don’t like bloat in any aspect and we do our best to ensure you do not get any in our final project.

If you are a new visitor and want to ensure that your site is built with the highest standards, the most compliance and a dedicated team, contact us now and let us help you out. If you are an existing client and looking to update your site, improve the scalability or just refresh the face a little send us a message and we will work with you as we always have. Quickly, professionally and earnestly.

Do you want to use the JW Bootstrap theme on your own project? We have a simple pricing structure allowing for external use at just $10 per site per month!

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