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Back in 2018 we launched the JW Bootstrap Theme for WordPress sites. Our Bootstrap Theme for WordPress was developed in house. We use the Bootstrap Theme on all of our new WordPress web design projects. It was perfect for the time, and with Bootstrap 5 being out we figured it was time to update.

Our Bootstrap WordPress Theme is Small:

Our theme is still small, but more feature rich. Yes, I know before I talked about useless features bloating a theme. That is still true, but with the ability to add blocks, we can reduce the overhead of these features while making them available to use, and the larger footprint items like Teams and Testimonials are opt-in, and not even brought into the theme until you turn them on.

JW Bootstrap Theme is Scalable:

We can quickly add in functionality without compromising the core theme. We have built in blocks for content areas where edits are common. There is default functionality built in so that there is no need to repeat processes page after page. We thought about our most common tasks and worked to make those as fast and easy as possible.

A great feature for some of our core aspects is templating. If you need to create a new newsfeed template you can add it in and switch between any number of layouts, even using multiple on the same page!

WooCommerce ready:

WooCommerce is the leading edge of WordPress online shopping and we are still ready to go out of the gate without holding onto too many template changes that would require constant upkeep!

The JW Bootstrap Theme is Built to Last:

Our Bootstrap 4 theme lasted years and our new theme for WordPress is Bootstrap 5 ready and designed with a mobile first approach. We are ready for a mobile market and you will be too.

We are an A11y:

Accessibility (A11y) is still our primary goal. Our base theme is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant out of the gate. While some plugins may reduce the score, you can be sure that we have a solid foundation. If you find something that doesn’t meet this standard we will quickly work to correct it!

Give us a try!

If you are a new visitor and want to ensure that your site is built with the highest standards, the most compliance and a dedicated team, contact us now and let us help you out. If you are an existing client and looking to update your site, improve the scalability or just refresh the face a little send us a message and we will work with you as we always have. Quickly, professionally and earnestly.

Do you want to use the JW Bootstrap theme on your own project? We have a simple pricing structure allowing for external use at just $20 per site per month!

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