What can we provide you when you request a custom web site through Kender Internet Kompany? Options; plain and simple, we give you choices. That’s why we are the company that will Give you the most out of your internet… …for the least out of your pocket. Our goal is to give you more choices than you will ever need, but would love to have available to you.


We will give you choices as to how you want your website to look, giving you customized links, graphical design, and integration of your current promotional materials. Making everything you provide to your current customers, available to your customers who have yet to meet you, with no extra charge for printing and distribution. Our main goal is fast loading, but we can also make a graphically intense site as well, giving up some speed, for appearance.


Give your customers a virtual tour of your location, or your product, with detailed blueprints, sketches, brochures, and written descriptions, allowing for the feel of your product while leaving your full time staff free to take care of other details while your customers are getting their questions answered online, at their convenience, not at necessity of your business hours. Let your site be another pair of hands to communicate for you!


Thats right! We can create a database driven inventory system for your company, giving you the ability to keep track of stock, profit margins, inventory loss (shrinkage), and it can be designed for multiple locations to use the same pricing database with a central controll for comparison of all locations to see who is doing best!


With a forum available to your customers and staff, there is no reason for anyone to say that they didn’t hear about an offer! From management only, employee only, partners and an open forum for your customers and those who are yet to be a customer. We can also give departments their own section for inter-departmental communication. The only thing you provide is someone to answer the questions!


For those who keep internet ready computers in the office, we can set up instant messaging through our forums, to allow a message to go out and be received almost instantly, to get someone to that meeting they may have forgotten about, or to let someone two cubicles down know about a decision without disturbing the person in between!


Allow your customers to pay their bills online! If it’s for services rendered, or for a recurring payment, you can make bill collecting easy and convenient for your customers by letting them pay their bills online, quickly and securely. We can set you up to receive credit cards, or checks, easily and quickly.


An easily maintained and easily accessible calendar of events, for that office party, or the launch of your newest product! Either a designated person can maintain the calendar, or we can allow everyone to add important notes. The options are endless!


We can provide you with as many, or as few email addresses as you feel you need. From a single address for the company president, to giving each and every member of the team a custom email address. Not only does having it on your business cards serve as a reminder that you do have a presence in cyberspace as well (giving you a grander image) but it allows that same customer to send you a quick question while s/he’s thinking about it, instead of waiting until the next day when you are open for business (giving her/him a chance to forget it).


We are always working for you. If you have a change you need implemented right away, just give us a call, and within a couple hours to a day we can generally get your site updated! NOTE: Some contract agreements have us performing weekly updates to sites already, so we are always working to keep those sites current and established!


Need to get some feedback on a product? Want to fill that last spot on your team? Fill out this form, and results are sent directly to the person who needs the answers, as soon as the ‘submit’ button is pressed! It’s as easy as that. The options can be in the form of fill in the blank, check a box, or even a simple drop down menu.


If you find you need anything else, or if you have a question, feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to service all of your needs.

So what are you waiting for? We’re already on your team, just point us in the direction you wish to go. Let’s get you connected, so we can get your customers connected to you!