Our pricing is simple, and affordable for any budget. Most companies expect upwards of $80.00/hour for their work, but they also have management to pay along with the expensive high-rise office suites. At $50.00/hour, you can get the same design, with improved service, from a company who wants nothing more than to give you the most!

Our simple breakdown here gives you an idea as to what we are about, but as always, custom jobs can come with custom pricing, which may be more, or less than stated (more often than not, it will be less).

Basic Pricing Breakdown
HTML Programming $50 per hour
Graphic Design $50 per hour
Website Maintenance $50 per hour
Search Engine Submission $75 the first month /
$50 per month after
Or, a one time fee (save $125) $500 one time fee
Hosting* $15 per month

Our payment plans are simple as well, all we ask is 33% (non-refundable) down (based off an estimated and agreed upon price), 33% halfway through completion, then the remainder upon completion, before your site is uploaded to its final destination. If for any reason, the price goes up, and you do not like the reasons behind it, then we will gladly refund all fee’s, including the starting 33%, minus any incurred fees (domain registration costs as an example).

We look forward to doing business with you, and we hope to hear from you soon!