Who are we?

Kender Internet Kompany is a small, family owned web design and site maintenance company dedicated to giving the best value for our customers. Our goal is to offer professional out of house service, for an in house price. Our main objective is to bring to you the value and content that is lacking from your existing site; or offer greater value and content, by giving you a site to promote your businesses needs and offers.

What do we do?

Kender Internet Kompany brings your business alive with the web! Offering professionally designed websites to give your customers a look inside your business without actually putting them on your doorstep (that comes later) but maybe bringing them to your doorstep. Together we will evaluate your current website, and give ideas to improve upon it, or we will design a new website for you, bringing content and excitement to your customers.

What can we offer?

For content, we can provide a beautifully laid out website, with quick load times and easy to find links to all necessary areas; we can also provide you with a messaging forum, where your customers can leave you feedback, or ask questions, we can provide a members only forum for your employees to have inter-office communications, or your partners can let you know what is on their minds as well (there are several layers of protection that will allow you to set up multiple layers of communication); we can also provide you with a calendar that is updatable by either a select few administrators, or by your entire staff, allowing for everyone to know important dates and meeting times, all in one convenient location. We also offer custom email addresses, for either management, or for everyone within your organization, again improving communication within your company!

Where are we located?

Right next door, on the internet everything is local, so there is no need going out of town to take care of business. We are always available for communication, by either telephone, email, or via the U.S.P.S. Any concerns will be acted upon quickly by hard working support staff, and any questions will be answered with professionalism and respect (we are not your typical geeks!).

When can we help you?

The answer is a resounding NOW! With the internet, speed is essential in getting your needs and that of your customers taken care of, and at Kender Internet Kompany, we understand that you are in a hurry, just like everyone else. So we have a small but dedicated staff ready to assist you right away, and we will never leave you in the dark! And that is my promise to you!

James Wheeler,
Kender Internet Kompany